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Mission Mycelium

Gourmet and medicinal mushrooms grown on spent grain from Swiss breweries.

Did you know that only 10% of the ingredients used to brew your favourite Swiss beer end up in your glass?

We use this organic waste to produce healthy food and products for people in Switzerland. We turn beer waste into delicious and nutritious mushrooms! A blend of urban agriculture, the circular economy and exotic flavours.

Always local. Always fresh. Always organic.

If you're as passionate about mushrooms as we are, we invite you to discover our company and explore our range of mushroom products.

Fresh mushrooms

Cultivate your own mushrooms...


Mission Mycelium T-shirt

Support the company by buying one of our unisex t-shirts printed in Switzerland on organic cotton.


Horaires d'ouverture:

Lundi: 9h - 17h

Mardi: 9h - 17h

Mercredi: 9h - 17h

Samedi: 9h-12h